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What Luxury Events Mean To Me!

January 14, 2016
Luxury is not about the money spent. Luxury is about the experience.

The average wedding costs between $25,000-$30,000 with a guest count of about 100 people or so. This includes the ceremony + reception, décor, entertainment and elements of DIY!

Planning a high-end wedding takes about 600-1000 hours. The process should be exciting well executed by a wedding planner who listens and cares for you as if you are the only couple in the world. You should be made to feel safe enough to explore all of your ideas, excited about seeing what is proposed to you, and reassured in the knowledge that your planner has assembled the best team available to execute your vision. When times of stress arise – which they will arise – you should know that your wedding planner is there for you. Not because you have paid them to be, but because they want to be. A luxury wedding planner is responsive to you, returning phone calls and emails quickly. A friend and a guide, you can expect your wedding planner to manage your budget and expectations, your appointments and your timeline.


Luxury Wedding Planners are exclusive, and ensure that you feel as if you are the most important couple in the world. We give you ample time to explain your vision, provide you with unlimited phone calls, emails, and meetings. You get to know each other, become friends, build trust, and are confident in their choices and suggestions.

Luxury Wedding Planners have a support team of accomplished, passionate, visionary people. We partner with the best venues, florists, photographers, and musicians. We know how to build and lead a team so that each element moves and flows around the other seamlessly. It’s a performance, with each creative partner playing their role to the best of their ability, for the most beautiful outcome. Yet a wedding should never feel forced or contrived. The day should move along with ease, and no one should notice the wizard pulling strings behind the curtain.

A Luxury Wedding Planner is asking questions of you constantly, pulling out information you didn’t know you had, and using it to add detail and soul to your wedding day.

This is the difference between a regular wedding planner and a luxury wedding planner. A regular wedding planner checks off boxes and makes sure you have everything. A luxury wedding planner ignores the boxes, making sure you have the best of the right things.

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